With Knead Good Food one-on-one personal consultation, you'll head into each week with an answer to the question "What's for Dinner?” Instead of last-minute stress, you'll enjoy varied and healthy meals, save money on groceries and waste less food.
Over time, friends and family began to notice my passion for bringing people together through food and wanted to be let in on the secret. They wanted less stress in the kitchen. They wanted hands-on instruction. And most often, they wanted an answer to the ever-present question, “What’s for Dinner?” It was then I realized I had something to share, maybe even something to teach about simple, delicious solutions in the kitchen. I founded Knead Good Food because I am dedicated to sharing my passion for food with you.
“I hope to make your life a little simpler, a lot more stress free, and most importantly...more delicious!”
Based on the simple and delicious recipes prepared in the Knead Good Food "What's for Dinner?" workshop series, my debut cookbook takes the stress out of making dinner every night so you can enjoy more time with friends and family. Organized by seasonal inspiration, this book offers healthy dinner solutions, time-saving tips and creative alternatives to serve for dinner.