One of the most overwhelming aspects of an exploration into plant-based eating can be where to start.  With Knead Good Food personal consultation, you'll learn how to create plant-based dishes that are simple, delicious and good for you.   You can benefit whether you are a beginner looking to introduce more whole foods into your diet or an experienced cook looking for new ideas and inspiration.
Originally I launched Knead Good Food to bring people together through my love of eating and sharing good food.  Yet several months after the launch, I was overworked, stressed out, and struggling with my physical and mental well being.  Something had to change.  It was then my journey to health through plant-based, whole foods began.  It is my hope to share this journey with you, and to show you how food really can have a positive impact on your health and well-being. 
“I believe our relationships with food should be about what's practical and possible for each of us.  Nothing in life is perfect - nor does it have to be!”
Based on the simple and delicious plant-based recipes prepared in the Knead Good Food workshop series, it is my hope that the recipes in my debut cookbook can show you how easy it is to incorporate healthy plant-based recipes into your life.  Organized by seasonal inspiration, this book offers healthy meal solutions, time-saving tips and creative plant-based alternatives to serve on your table.