Hello, I'm Jennifer, the self-taught home cook and food lover behind Knead Good Food. In the summer of 2006 my life took an unexpected turn. I had been caught up in the hectic pace of New York City life and completely immersed in my career. Deciding what to eat for dinner usually involved rifling through the take-away menus stuffed in my briefcase. I was too busy. Too stressed. Too tired.

Without getting too sentimental, my story goes something like this: I met someone. On our first date, he was witty. I wanted to impress. And with the courage that tends to accompany a few glasses of wine, I was suddenly inviting him to my shoebox apartment the next night for a home cooked meal. I had no idea what I was getting into! In a panic, I scoured the internet, called my mother a dozen times, and bought a trendy apron. I spent hours in the local supermarket searching for seemingly obscure ingredients like saffron, fennel, and Pernod. What was I thinking? The meal was far from perfect and I was completely exhausted by the end of the night, but none of that mattered. At the time it just felt right.

I look back on that day and smile. In the time that has passed, I've found joy and comfort cooking my way through the most important moments in my life. While I originally launched Knead Good Food to bring people together through my love of eating and sharing good food, several months after the launch, I found myself once again overworked, stressed out, and struggling.  Something had to change.  It was then my journey to health through plant-based, whole foods began.  It is my hope to share this ongoing journey with you, and to show you how food really can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. 

On Yoga & Vegan Brunch: "Definitely to recommend, both the yoga session, which was a perfect mixture of sweating and relaxing, crowned by a most delicious brunch in nice company! Thank you Jennifer and Suzanne! I hope this will be repeated soon."
Verena B, February 2020
“A great and informal way to improve cooking skills. Jennifer's concept also emphasis eating healthy and creating a positive feeling around preparing and eating together. The workshop gave me inspiration to try new things at home.”
Pernilla E
"Jennifer has fantastic ideas to make a meal special. During the workshop we have cooked and eaten delicious meals, even though I knew all the ingredients we have used them in different and new ways to vary standard dishes. I have really enjoyed the evening and would like to recommend it to everyone."
Ines H