Personal Consultation Services

Eating more plant-based, whole foods is now easier than ever!  With Knead Good Food (KGF) personal consultation, learn how to create varied and healthy meals, save money on groceries and waste less food.  You can benefit whether you are a beginner looking to introduce more whole foods into your diet or an experienced cook looking for new ideas and inspiration.

Wow!  This seems so overwhelming.  Where do I start?

Step One:
• No matter your reasons for wanting to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, I'm here to share my personal experience and help you navigate a transition with ease.  The first step is to contact me at
• Together, we will choose an in-person or virtual consultation time that fits easily into your schedule.

Step Two:
• At your appointed consultation time, we will discuss your personal motivation and how I can help you achieve what you are looking for by adding more plant-based foods into your lifestyle.

Step Three:
• Based on your unique and individual needs, I will customize a seasonal, plant-based meal plan for you including itemized shopping list, meal preparation steps, individual recipe cards, and tips for how to store food properly and safely.
• Enjoy delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare plant-based meals with friends and family!

Free consultation
Contact me now to schedule your  initial consultation...due to the unique and customized approach, space in the personal consultation service is limited. Pricing for individual services are contingent upon your specific requirements and start from CHF 100/hour.  Additionally, I offer private cooking courses and customized workshops, on request.